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    1. 1. Prem Wiki is easy

    Prem Wiki is easy

    Access Tips
    • Login using the username and password sent via email. If you have any login problems please contact itrequest@premcenter.org
    • Users have different levels of access. You will only be able to view, edit, comment and search wiki's when you have permission to do so


    Wiki Environment Tips

    • Edit Page: Allows you to edit a page and brings up the edit toolbar
    • New Page: Creates a new page under the current Wiki category
    • Print Page: Print the current page to paper or PDF
    • More: Allows you to Restrict Access, Attach files, Move, Delete, Tag, Email page links, Set page properties, or Watch pages (if you have permission to do so)


    Finding a wiki Tips

    • Search: When you enter a wiki a search will only gives you results from that wiki. From 'My Page' you can search all wikis you have access to. Search filters are also available
    • Navigate: Website style navigation is available from the Wiki category pages (please update when you create a new page) 

    Tagging Tips

    • At the bottom of the page click 'Edit tags' and add relevant keywords to assist people when using search
    • Also accessible from the top menu 'More' then 'Tag'
    • Add tags to documents you did not create to assist others searching in the future (use department, class, dates etc where appropriate - tag related wikis with similar words)


    Toolbar Tips

    • Table tool: Creates a basic table. For complex tables or spreadsheets you can upload as a file
    • Insert/Edit Image tool: Attach files or images to a Wiki with the button at the bottom right of the page then use the insert/edit button and browse to the image  

    Converting Tips

    • Copy and paste the text from source into the page. Click 'Save
    • You may lose some formatting. If the formatting is important to the document upload as a file

     Moodle Integration Tips 

    • Edit documents you have on Moodle without re-uploading a PDF 
    • Create a link on your Moodle site to the relevant Wiki URL, any edits take place on the Wiki



    Tag page (Edit tags)
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