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    From the Junior School Principal

    Dear families,
    Thank you to the Parent School Community (PSC) and all who contributed to and participated in a successful International Day. This was a great way to share and celebrate internationalism, which is a core value Prem.
    Ambassadors for Sustainability
    A couple of weeks ago, the Grade 5 students braved the curves of Doi Suthem road to start the journey of their first off campus camping experience in Doi Pui.  Their first field trip was a precursor to the actual camp which will happen 27, 28, 29 November.  We visited the campsite as well as the school with which we will be working, Sri Naeroo.
    Sri Naeroo sits atop Doi Pui and supports the students from the local village.  Prem students had a chance to interact with the students sharing similarities and differences, flowing between speaking Thai, English and Hmong the local hilltribe dialect.  We look forward to watching this relationship unfold and planning for our next encounter during the Grade 5 camp.
    The Grade 5 camp will help solidify students as ambassadors for sustainability.  They will work extensively with FORRU (Forrest Restoration Research Unit) to explore the important process of reforestation.  Students will also reflect upon themselves as group members, as they will be challenged to work in teams in different ways from managing camp meals to planning action for the support of Sri Naeroo school.  The camp is truly transdisciplinary, as students will uncover various units of inquiry such as 'Sharing the planet', 'How we organise ourselves' and 'How the world works'.
    Find out more about the Grade 5 camp here.
    asf4.jpg asf1.jpg
    Arriving at Doi Pui Making new friends
    asf2.jpg asf3.jpg
    Interviewing a student about
    village life in Doi Pui
    Sharing our appreciation
    for the school visit
    Primary Years Programme (PYP) Workshop Presenters
    Prem is fortunate to have multiple staff members trained to lead PYP workshops for teachers in IB schools. Ajarn Kate, Grade 2 teacher, recently facilitated a workshop on ‘Assessment in the Early Years’ in Hong Kong and Ajarn Jeremy, Grade 5 teacher, recently visited India to lead teachers in learning about ‘The Role of Mathematics in the PYP.’ 
    Their ideas are also shared and implemented at Prem. For example, in Grade 2, Ajarn Kate recently involved students in a self-assessment. She first involved students in creating ‘effective teamwork’ rubrics based on what they learned about teamwork, and then provided an opportunity for students to apply what they learned about team work as they collaborated to create a house with specific criteria.  Then students rated themselves against the effective teamwork rubric they created.
    Shaved for a Cause
    Prem students and teachers took action to support children at a local orphanage, the Wat Don Chan Home. Organised by the Junior Student Council (JSC), funds and awareness were arranged to support the management of lice at the orphanage. The money collected will be used to purchase ‘Nitty Gritty’ combs and coconut oil and vinegar, along with a local herb which the orphanage can start growing to rinse hair with regularly.
    Thanks to all who donated funds and to Ajarn Gill and Ajarn Mark in the Junior School for ‘shaving for a cause’ as a way to encourage donations.
    Grade 4 Wax Museum
    The Grade 4 students will be hosting a ‘Wax Museum’ Thursday 28 November from 2:00 - 2:45 pm in the JS undercroft. This is in connection to the Unit of Inquiry ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’. Students will be dressed as their influential people, have a small display set up, and a monologue about the person they explored. Families are invited to join this event.
    Upcoming Junior School Events
    • 27-29 November: Grade 5 camp
    • 28 November: Grade 4 Influential People Wax Museum, 2.00 - 2:45, JS Undercroft
    • 29 November: No school for students (professional development for teachers and teaching assistants)
    • 9, 11 and 12 December: whole school production:  A Musical Safari


    The Junior School Curriculum in Action Day has been moved from 12 December to 30 January, given the production date. 

    Thank you for your continued involvement in your child’s education and we look forward to seeing you on campus for upcoming events.
    Warm regards,
    A. Karrie Dietz
    Junior School Principal

    Working Together for a Common Goal: Artist-in-Residency 

    Visiting Australian artist Helen Kocis-Edwards current works of art are focused in the world of nature. Ajarn Helen recently worked with the Grade 2 students to create watercolor paintings of insects.  Ajarn Helen’s interest in nature and her whimsical watercolor paintings of bugs captured the students to take their own initiative to create drawings and develop their skills as watercolorists.  
    The Grade 2 students made connections to their UOI "How We Organise Ourselves" by working together for a common goal to create colorful banners that displayed their own observations of insect world around us. 
    Ajarn Susan
    JS Art Teacher

    Grade 5 Media Projects

    In preparation for the Grade 5 Exhibition, Grade 5 students are exploring how media can alter and influence people’s choices and perceptions. Students have been sharing their projects with other students and have been inviting feedback through online surveys they have created.
    Their topics vary and here is just a sampling of their projects:
    Nub, Rayna and Emilie created a Website for the Royal Lanna Hotel.
    Fast, Pear and Runa promoted using bikes instead of cars.  In addition to creating a ‘Just Exercise’ website, the students wrote a persuasive writing piece and a letter.
    Letter regarding t-shirts:
    Dear Khun Pansuvan
    We are a group of students from Grade 5 and we are writing to you to ask you to help us with our school project. We are learning about different kinds of media and in this project we have the chance to create our own media. The Residence and Spa said that we can  contact you about the Banana Bikes.
    The project that we are doing at school is to convince people to ride bicycles instead of driving cars. It would be really good if you can help us to have a successful project by giving out flyers, put up some of our posters and the most important thing is to help us to produce and sell our t-shirts. If you can help us then we can also help you by putting your Banana Bike logo on the shirt if you want.
    We would love to give you more details. Can we meet you at the Residence and Spa or at the Grade 5 classroom on Tuesday 19 November at 1.00 pm
    Looking forward to meeting you, and hope to hear from you soon.

    Persuasive Writing, by Runa:
    Sick of too many traffic jams? Feel fumes everywhere? I have a solution for this. Use a bike instead of a car!!! These are the reasons why you should use a bike instead of a car:
    The first simple thing that is certainly going to happen if you ride a bike is that you will not be causing more pollution (fumes).
    Bikes are a good way to exercise while you move from place to place quickly. If you ride a bike, there will be fewer cars on the road and you will breathe fresher and more natural air and you won't make pollution (fumes).
    You can even go faster than a car because you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam.
    The best thing about a car is that you breathe air conditioning and can do a variety of things in a car, but do you realise what is happening? You are destroying the Wworld; you are killing plants, animals, and us too!
    Have a think about the future if you use a car, and also think about the future if you use a bike.
    I know that bikes are hard to ride in rumbly roads and over long distances, but it’s not worth it. Life is more important to plants, animals and us too! If everybody does their own part, the world will be a cleaner and healthier planet with fewer fumes and not much oil used.

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