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    Prem PSA donation to COSA

    On Tuesday 26 March 2013, the Prem PSA donated THB 120,923 to COSA (Children Organisation of Southeast Asia) at the Prem whole-school assembly. 
    In the photo are: 
    Standing Row from left: Khun Ploy McIntoch - COSA Development Manager, Khun Noo - COSA Teacher, Tessa O'Rorke - COSA Special Project Manager, 
    Khun Mickey Choothesa - COSA Founder, Pu Ostertag - PSA Chairperson, Maria Laengle - PSA Social Co-ordinator, Noel Lindquist - COSA Project Manager, 
    Jody Schmuland - PSA Vice Chairperson and Ajan Maxine Driscoll - Prem Head of School. 
    Standing happily in yellow with the envelope: COSA student
    Sitting row: COSA students

    Renowned author visits Prem for Book Week 2013

    The theme for this year’s Prem Tinsulanonda International School’s Book Week was Books in the Movies.  Entering the library was like passing into an old-time cinema complete with ticket booth and theatre marquee. Inside the library walls the space was creatively transformed into a movie theatre with showings at lunchtime and after school - complete with freshly-popped popcorn. Three-dimensional displays of current books at the movies included The Lorax, Life of Pi, Charlotte’s Web and The Hobbit bringing the books to life.
    Each year Prem hosts a visiting author during Book Week to speak to the students about their work. This year Richard Sobol “the travelling photographer” joined Prem to present a dynamic image-driven presentation to EY3 - Gr 12 students featuring his first-hand encounters with wild animals. The presentation on mountain gorillas in Nigeria was inspiring and linked nicely to our upcoming Earth Day Biodiversity theme. 
    Richard Sobol is constantly circling the globe looking for stories relating to wildlife, international cultures and conservation of the environment. His photographs appear regularly in publications worldwide including Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Paris Match, Audubon, and National Geographic. He has published eleven books for adults and children.
    Further information on Richard’s work can be found at

    Earth Day and Biodiversity

    This year Prem will be celebrating Earth Day on 26 April.  The theme for this year's events is Biodiversity.  
    What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, is the term used to describe the variety of life found on Earth and all of the natural processes. This includes ecosystem, genetic and cultural diversity, and the connections between these and all species.
    On this day students will engage in activities which will help them to understand the importance of different plants and animals to the people on the planet.  Some of the activities planned include a survey of the trees on campus, an animals sounds competition, a microorganisms scavenger hunt and much more.  The Chiang Mai Zoo is scheduled to bring some animals from their collection to our campus, and students will also work on the Prem Farm to help create an ecosystem there to boost food production.  
    Senior School staff members Donal O'Connell, Emma Shaw and Sarah Handley have been planning the event for months and are excitedly waiting for the big day to arrive.  "We all need to understand the importance of the multitude of plants and animals to our everyday life," Ajarn Donal said.  "Many medicines and other important chemical compounds were originally found in nature, to say nothing of the other ecosystem services such as soil creation and plant pollination that could not happen without a rich and biodiverse Earth system," he added.  
    At Prem we want Earth Day to be both a fun and educational celebration of our planet and our community - to demonstrate how biodiversity impacts our local environment and what is being done at Prem to promote and protect it.

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