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    Community Market - 5 April


    Traidhos Camps 2013


    Camps that make a difference


    The Traidhos Three-Generation Camps program, located on the campus of the Prem Tinsulanonda International School, has built a solid reputation for the past ten years hosting and designing custom-made out-of-the-classroom experiences for young Thai and international students with broad and diverse activities that interconnect school curriculum, expand environmental awareness, sustainable living, discover Northern-Thailand’s adventurous side and distinctive culture, as well organising desirable community service ventures to experience during their school holidays or as part of a school trip abroad.
    Recently students from Kingston International School in Hong Kong travelled to Thailand to take part in an “Exploring the planet” camp. Travelling south from Chiang Mai they discovered that one setting, Doi Inthanon (Thailand’s highest peak) was more than just a mountain. The mountain’s natural geography, highland inhabitants and unique environment offered a diverse range of activities for the students to engage, explore and study – helping to build enduring bonds with the natural world.  From taking part in rustic farming practices of the simple rice-farmer, studying the mountain’s slope and waters, designing and arranging a public garden at Mae Kampong Village to zip-lining through the forest canopy the camp presented new knowledge for the curious participants to go forth with the confidence that they can help protect and make positive change for the planet. 
    Visit our website for dates, itineraries and registrations forms of our upcoming scheduled Traidhos Summer Camps 2013 at

    Golf… A Journey of the Hero-Warrior

    Upon returning from the tournament in Chiang Rai held at the Santiburi Golf Club I was struck with an overwhelming feeling to express my deeper thoughts of those four days being with the team. You may notice, here, that I have been deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell who wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces and his many more works that have profoundly influenced so many others.
    I feel that a round of golf can be considered the journey of the hero-warrior. We are all heroes on a journey, if we look at it from a certain perspective in that a journey has a beginning, middle and an end. In terms of daily life, we could say that the father, when leaving his home for work in the morning, is on his hero's journey, getting into his car, battling traffic to face the day's events. He then arrives at work using all his knowledge and skill to produce his good work for a paycheque that will provide for his family’s needs. After doing battle for the day he completes the cycle by returning home to his family with his bounty and then, doing it again the next day and every day. The courage of such a journey, when based in love, expresses a beauty and a strength, in my eyes, that is beyond compare! The student going to school every day, the teachers planning the lessons, the parents dropping off their children and picking them up from school … this to me is what I would call the hero-warrior's journey and every one of us is making that journey in our own way! 
    I see the golfer doing much the same when they play a round of golf. They leave the clubhouse for the first tee, with their weapons and skills, prepared to do battle against the golf course. During these holes of golf, varying conditions present themselves causing the golfer to make decisions, having to use their skills and judgment to meet the challenge of each shot. With each shot they are learning and growing, fighting for their bounty to bring home at the end of the day. Some days are tough and the journey can be difficult and some days the journey is flawless bringing back great stories and great rewards for their efforts. 
    This is why the great game of golf is so amazing and valuable. The golf course is a safe beautiful battleground that builds character, personal strength and a warrior's heart. If the game is played with love then so many more rewards come to the hero-warrior such as compassion, friendship and joy. As all players make this journey they can come to understand the suffering and joys of one another. A bond can be made and relationships can be built. Golf is a journey for a lifetime. A lifetime of learning and sharing and if seen in this light true hero-warriors will be made. Not by us, the parents and coaches, but by the players themselves!
    When all our young heroes returned from battle in Santiburi they came up to the balcony and told their stories that spanned the emotional globe of disappointment and glory. The compassion shared by one another along with the joy and excitement of big and small successes was present at the telling of each story. The smiles and the laughter were infectious and the hand on a shoulder was consoling. Friendships were strengthened that day with the opening of each heart. 
    You see, these were personal battles and personal stories shared with open hearts without fear of rejection or ridicule because they sat at our table where love and welcoming hearts lived. Our job is to be the home where love lives and training takes place preparing the hero-warrior to do battle with clear eyes and full hearts knowing that when they come home they are welcomed with loving arms, soothing their wounds and sharing in their glory.
    Spike Collier
    Director of Golf
    Three-Generation Golf Academy

    International Schools of Chiang Mai Art Showcase


    Steps to Sustainability

    It is not always necessary to dash to the corner store to buy some things you may need in your daily life - you can provide them yourself quite simply, but most people choose the easy way out and spend money.

    Sustainability cannot happen without self-reliance and self-sufficiency. When you start thinking about relying on yourself you will realise that some things can be done very easily. Once you find success in the first thing, pride will lead you to think about the future and discover more for your next act of self-reliance. 
    Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning promotes sustainability and is developing a curriculum to lead students to sustainable ways and to be global citizens who care for the environment and use resources effectively. 
    We try to manage our waste in effective ways with maximum benefits such as separating garbage from recyclable materials and then by reusing some items or selling anything that can still be used to a recycling shop. We use food waste from the cafeteria to feed the farm animals, and use fruits and vegetable leftovers from the cafeteria for composting, rabbit feeding and making Effective Microorganisms (EMs). We use lemons from the farm to produce lemon EM, which has good digesting and cleaning properties to make dishwashing liquid. Using pineapple peel left over from kitchen can produce pineapple EM, used as a floor cleaner and we are now using used cooking oil to make bio-diesel.  
    These self-reliance initiatives are now happening and will continue to lead us to sustainability. The value of doing this is seen in using our resources wisely, sustainably, and in an environmentally friendly manner.  This also saves money!
    Read more from the sustainability website tab:

    EM Soil Enhancer

    EM is a group of effective micro-organisms cultured by fermenting a mixture of fruit or vegetables with sugar in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment.

    EM can be use for multi purposes especially in farming and gardening: EM acts as natural fertiliser as it helps to improve soil quality and produces minerals and plant hormones. EM speeds-up the decomposing process turning organic matter into compost in a shorter time then normal compost, resulting in a fertile compost which is good for plants and soil.

    The Three-Generation Farm has been using EM for six months to enhance the soil quality and crop production. We use fruit and vegetable waste from the cafeteria to make EM, and we get students to collect lemons on the farm to make EM as part of their learning. By this way our organic waste is not wasted any more.


    First Biodiesel truck on Traidhos Campus

    Biodiesel is a form of diesel fuel manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. It is safe, biodegradable, and produces fewer air pollutants than petroleum-based diesel.
    Recycling the used cooking oil into biodiesel is the answer for demonstrates efficiency and is an environmentally friendly way to use the old cooking oil our cafeteria produces every day.

    On 12 March 2013 we tested Traidhos-produced biodiesel in the tractor used for cutting grass and pulling heavy materials. The engine reacted well with biodiesel, and the tractor ran smoothly. We were all happy and excited to see the outcome. The first biodiesel vehicle on the Traidhos campus is underway to take us another step closer to living and working sustainability.


    Dish washing from lemon EM

    Lemons grown at the farm are collected and sent to the cafeteria to make lemonade or snacks. However, lemons that have been attacked by insects and are not food quality can be used to make EM. Students collect the fruit on the ground and use it to make EM. Lemon EM is good for dishwashing as it has acidic property. Cafeteria staff and Prem housekeeping staff now use lemon EM dishwashing liquid.

    The cafeteria staff clean over 200 glasses every day. We interviewed them about the use of EM"

    Khun Bua said, "I like using it because it cleans the glasses well, it’s good for my hands and good for the environment."

    Pa Ooi, "Before we used quite strong detergent for washing the glass, and the skin on my hands peeled off. I didn’t like it but now when we use this EM washing liquid I don’t have that problem any more and the glasses are clean."

    Khun Ning, Head of Housekeeping says her staff use the farm’s EM floor cleaner, and that, "My staff like using it. Floors are clean and shiny and we are happy to use it."


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